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OpenAI DevDay #1 Announcements

Updated: 2 days ago

Today, more than 40 thousand enthusiasts joined OpenAI in their very fist developer conference: DevDay. It was packed with more than a dozen new and exciting announcements. Here's a summary of the most relevant ones if you missed it!

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New Model: GPT4 Turbo

  • As of today, a new model named GPT4 Turbo is available for users.

  • It has an huge 128k token context! This makes it officially the LLM with the largest context commercially available today. As a reference, plain GPT4 had a context of 16k or 32k tokens.

  • It's knowledge cutoff is April 2023. OpenAI says they will commit to having more recent cutoffs from now on.

  • It's supposedly smarter and more accurate over time.

More Model Control

  • There's a new JSON Mode, that ensures that GPT answers with a valid JSON.

  • There's a new seed parameter, that allows you to get reproducible outputs.

  • Log probs will be included along with the outputs. Ideal for recommender systems, for example.

  • You'll be able to bring your own documents to the knowledge base.

  • Better function calling, allowing multiple calls simultaneously.

  • Models will be generally better at following instructions

API Improvements

  • DALL-E will be available through the API

  • Turbo with Vision will be available through the API

  • Text-to-speech will be available through the API

  • A new Whisper v3 was announced.

Pricing and Rates

  • The API rates for GPT4 were doubled!

  • GPT4 Turbo is 3x cheaper on input tokens and 2x cheaper out output tokens. As a reference: 1000 input tokens will cost 1 cent, and 1000 output tokens will cost 3 cents.

  • GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k had the same price reduction. As a reference: 1000 input tokens will cost 0.003 cents, and 1000 output tokens will cost 0.004 cents.

  • Fine tuning will also be cheaper.

  • OpenAI prioritized price over speed, so while GPT4 turbo is cheaper, its probably slower.


  • Will start using GPT4 Turbo!

  • No more annoying model picker, it will have all modalities enabled by default.

  • Build your own ChatGPT using GPTs: a new service that allows you to create new chatbots using knowledge from your documents, connect to services and make them public, private or restricted. Built using natural language!

Assistant API

  • New API that eases building assistive experience using OpenAI LLMs.

  • Will handle threading automatically so assistants are capable of keeping multiple conversation threads.

  • Assistants will be capable of:

    • Retrieving information from your documents.

    • Invoking the code interpreter

    • Calling functions accordingly

  • Again, you build them with natural language!

Other Announcements

  • OpenAI stated that they will provide legal help for companies using their services that are currently being accused of copyright infringements.

  • OpenAI and Microsoft strengthen their partnership to make AI more accessible to everyone.

  • OpenAI will work with a small set of companies to create custom models for their specific needs and knowledge base.

  • Every attendee got a $500 coupon to use the OpenAI platform!


Undoubtedly, a great day for OpenAI and developers in general. We are excited to start building and see what innovative products are accelerated by these announcements.

What are you planning on creating?

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