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Explore Our AI-Driven Projects and Products

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Manufacturing AI-Powered Quality Inspection

Discover how our cutting-edge technology empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate AI-assisted quality inspection algorithms into their manufacturing processes. Our innovative solution helps to minimize defective products and optimizes resource utilization. Elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights with our AI-driven quality inspection system.

Drowsiness Detection

Determine whether a subject is drowsy on time is critical for avoiding accidents or enforcing healthy habits in individuals. Explore with us the different solutions for drowsiness detection.


Action & Pose Recognition

Searching for a solution to track exercise repetitions, monitor precise assembly actions on your production line, or even detect and analyze hits in an MMA event? At, we've harnessed the power of AI to develop state-of-the-art action recognition solutions. Our technology enables automatic detection and response to diverse actions in real-time, revolutionizing the way you interact with your environment. Join us in bringing action recognition to the forefront of innovation.

Selective Detection and Tracking

Whether it's for sports, manufacturing, surveillance, or any application, the need for precise video object detection and tracking is a shared challenge among our valued customers. If you're looking to empower your product with these cutting-edge capabilities, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Smart Parking Lot System

Revolutionize your parking experience with our cutting-edge AI-based parking system. Our innovative technology not only monitors vehicle entries and exits but also automatically records license plate numbers, elevating your parking services to unprecedented levels of efficiency and security. Explore the future of parking management with us.

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