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High-Touch AI Solutions for Tech-Forward Industries

Your Trusted AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning Partner provides cutting-edge AI engineering and consulting services and products for audio and video analytics. We develop AI models, integrate and optimize them to ensure high performance. and apply stringent standards for your project’s continued success. With our AI development company’s support, you can take your product to market with assurance about its machine learning and deep learning technology.


The next technological revolution has arrived. More and more sophisticated machine learning and deep learning applications appear each day in nearly every industry. Whether you wish to partner with us as an early adopter or your industry has already embraced AI, the power of our AI solutions is clear.

Allow your products to learn from daily experiences to improve their performance

Add human-like capabilities to your products

Never miss important surveillance events

Scale your business by automating processes and tasks

Adapt to new scenarios and situations by continuously learning


Who Benefits from Our AI Solutions

Software engineers, developers, and systems-on-chip manufacturers will all find useful engineering and consulting services at their disposal when you partner with

However, our AI company’s service is not exclusive to the tech industry. We consult for:


  • Academics and researchers

  • Corporate leadership

  • Business development professionals

Anyone who hopes to leverage AI for their particular application will find a valuable partner in

Our Services and parent company RidgeRun have unmatched experience with the best performing systems and software for AI use cases. Today, we’re ready to ensure your project experiences the same precision, agility, and commitment we’ve offered for the last two decades. Our AI development company offers these services:

AI Development


AV Data Processing


Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

...and more with the Hourly Rate!

Visit Our Portfolio and Developers Resources 

For those who are new to AI, developers who are building their own models, and businesses who want to better understand’s processes, we offer multiple resources to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to rigorous engineering.

  • Visit our portfolio to view the proprietary AI software we’ve created to benefit audio- and video-based applications across a wide range of industries.


  • Experience’s commitment to the evolving field of AI by exploring our developers resource hub. Stay up-to-date on industry news, white papers, conference attendance, and digests on new technologies.

Partner with for Premier AI Solutions    

Our AI company’s engineering team is committed to developing AI models to benefit you. To ensure our support, we’ve designed service channels that comprise every phase of your product’s lifecycle. 


Our AI development company serves as an extension of your team, so you can focus on your business objectives, knowing that the AI behind your project is in good hands. 

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